My granbaby

Redirecting... … 547&type=3 until I figure out how to shrink this to be able to use as my siggy I just had to share my rotten girl. Any suggestions as to does she look like any of the sculpts here to anyone?

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I can’t see it.
I do have Facebook but it says that I don’t have permission to view it.
Do you have your pictures set to public, or friends only? Maybe that is why?

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well drats sorry ladies I will try this again. Ever have one of those days nothing goes right?

Photobucket | The safer way to store your photos … as2011.jpg Photobucket | The safer way to store your photos … pclose.jpg Now try this again

Simply gorgeous!

Thank you Ginny

She is so cute. I looked at your other pictures, too. You are so pretty and that EMT uniform looks great!!

Well thank you. I forgot I had a picture of myself on there.

I was just looking at your pictures ~ no way do you look old enough to be someone’s grandma! She sure is adorable, though, and I think we need a sculpt of her so we can all have one.

Well thank you I will be 51 in March. if I can figure out which I would love to do doll of her. I now own all the small toddlers

I think she looks like Kitten. She is just too cute. Love her beautiful blue eyes.

8/blueeyed_emt2001/Photo04011409_1.jpg here is a newborn pic

She is so beautiful! Gorgeous blonde haired blue eyes baby, girls like her you don’t see too often! What a sweetie! Have you made her a doll yet?

I have done a drew whom she is naming Ruthie. I posted a few pics. I am building a simple cradle did linens for it and a simple diaper changing table and lots of baby stuff for Christmas, as well as i made them matching bracelets. I wish I could find her Ruthie a small monkey before Christmas, she loves monkeys also and I found her a Curious George. There will be more babies to come I hope and matching outfits.

You are so lucky to have someone like that to share your love of dolls with. Her newborn picture reminds me of the Elisa Marx babies. She has one who has the little tongue sticking out. You might see one there that matches.