My gifts and announcing my PIF

So I won Maddie Turco’s, @RebornReflections , PIF and just recieved these goodies in the mail. The little bird motif is my favorite and in fact I just saw someone elses doll posed in this exact outfit and loved it. So thank you Maddie!

I will be announcing my new PIF as a new topic to avoid confusion. Come join the fun everyone!


Yes the little bird outfit is awesome :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Congratulations on you lovely gifts x

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Cute stuff! Congrats!

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What a great gift set! I like the little bird, too. :slight_smile:


The outfits are so adorable!! :heart:

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Congrats! Adorable!

Awe that’s so sweet :heart:️ I always wondering how you all did the PIF. Can anyone do one or Does the person who wins have to do it? I’m a little dopey takes me awhile to catch on lol :yum::yum::yum::yum:

Well, you could start a new one. But if you win one you are supposed to do the next one. That doesn’t mean you can’t have several running at one time.

Oh ok. I was just curious. Will have to pay more attention on the forum. Maybe I could win an do my own lol

It’s not hard to win them. I have already won two and done one and now am doing my second one. There are so few people that everybody really has a chance.

Well i just cant figure out what PIF is Finally just figured WIP…lol im slow

Pass it forward or pay it forward.

Haha it just came to me what that was… i must have mind read your reply as you wrote…

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