My Future Son In Laws "Kyra" And 1st Reborn

Yes I am proud I think Joe did a fantastic job on little “Kyra” now called Kayla (after my daughter) It is so cool to have a man interested in this art. I absolutlely Loved watching her moment of birth and seeing Joe lovingly dress and diaper this sweet little baby she will be going up on ebay soon i will post a link later… What do you think?

Kayla And Joe will be posting here soon when they place their first order on BB. Hopefully this week

Well thank you all for the nice comments -He is a great kid who is enjoying the love of being in a real family and really seems to enjoy doing these babies!!!It was so cute watching him dress and hold her when he was finished!!LOL

He did very well!

Well both babies the kids put up didnt sell-they are learning -and redid their auctions-took more pics and lowered the price a bit -Joe is 21 and Kayla is 20 -they built their own template and did all the pic and reborning all by their selfs if they ask me about something I tell them -otherwise they are on their own -They want their own reborn Idenity-and not just be an extencion of me and I am really proud of them both for that!!!