My Forever Baby (Maybe)

I have never kept any of my completed reborns - but have always said one day I will find that one that needs to just stay with me. I think (maybe) I have found her. I finished her this weekend - and after dressing her a few times I really like her. IF I do decide to keep her, I will root her this summer. LuLu sculpt but I haven’t decided on a name as of yet. If I name her, I know I will keep her.

These pics were taken before I glazed her lips or sealed her nails.

Taken with my phone so not the best.


Uh oh…she has a name. Persephone Lula “LuLu”

Super cute- she’s YOURS!! :hugs:

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Awwww…don’t you love how big and cuddly she is??! :heart: She’s a cutie and I love her outfit!

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She’s adorable! Keeper😁

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thank you!

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