My first video! Need input :)

this is my very first your Tube Video… I know that you tube has it very own set of buyers so I was hoping to reach out!! Wish me like… Please let me know what you think… Thanks for checking it out

I loved the video. I so forgot how beautiful your family is. Good Luck

Oh Brandy - you did a fabulous job! Best of luck in the You-tube sales!

Thank You sooo sooo much!!!

Loved the video. You have a beautiful family!

That was a wonderful video - very creative.


I love your video, Brandy - it was very nicely done! The music was perfect, the photography was amazing, your transitions are smooth and work really well, and your babies are adorable. How did you make that video? What software did you use?

Great job!

Wow Thank You Honestly I had no idea what I was doing I used windows media maker… Just a program that was already on my computer…
It was easier than I imagined… Just click on pics you wanna use then it gives option for slides with words and the is says add music and lets you click on any mp3 you might have on your computer…
Thank You so much your complements make me smile so big