My First Try At Painted Hair :)

Ok, so this is my first real try at painted hair…please let me know what you think…I really value all of your opinons! Also please give me suggestions as to how I can make it better Thanks for peeking everyone!

WOW! Some of the best I have seen! You did an awesome job! Tell us how you did it please!

I have actually come to like the painted hair better when it looks good like that! No matting up!

Wow, it looks fantastic! You’ve made it look real.

It looks very natural! Very Beautiful! Would love to see a tutorial!

Amazing …great job!

All I have to say is wow!


I am jealous! lol It’s absolutely stunning!

Aww thank you all sooo much!! You are all too sweet! I’m really glad you like it, I was so nervous painting it lol! All I did was take a small liner brush and paint stroke after stroke of hair on the head. It does take quite a while but not as long as rooting takes me lol! I used raw umber for most of the strokes, but then I used burnt umber on top of those strokes. I then used a filbert brush to make the thicker lines like you see throughout the head. I hope this helps you all! I really love painting the hair much more than rooting…especially with the way Ebay prices are right now Painting it is a lot easier for me

elikless…Yes, I do love the 3d look from the matte varnish I am planning on building up some layers, so I’m crossing my fingers that it sets properly and won’t look chalky lol!

Christine…It was my first attempt but I was sooo nervous doing it lol! I think you should give it another try, you would do a great job It really does take a while, but I only baked it once (after I was finished). It’s just lots and lots of painting strokes, so it does get tiring lol!

Fran…Thank you so much for your compliments!! This baby is Grace by Angela Harris!

Elizabeth…I didn’t use a pencil but I have seen people use those prisma pencils and it does look nice! I actually just used Genesis paint!