My First Time Rooting

I finally started rooting my Ethnic Jake. At first I was just trying to see how hard it was and as I noticed the hair getting in the vynil I just couldn’t stop myself.

What I don’t like

  1. The hair colour against the baby’s skin tone. I think it makes him look like an adult.

  2. I didn’t think I would root so closely but I didn’t want hair too sparse as I wanted a similar effect to my two sons’ hair.

    My sons as newborns and their hair.

  3. The skin tone had already started coming off but I didn’t feel like adding more colour as I used primary method and last time I had too much a red baby.

Please give me constructive criticism as I am still new to this art.

PS. My supplier sent me this hair for free.


Looking good! I’ve seen photos of dark skinned babies with fairer hair. The main thing about baby hair is the length - a lot of people give reborns super long hair. This is fine, because people can create dolls however they like. But I work at a baby goods store and pretty much every baby under 14 months has short hair. All little Jake needs is a haircut!!

Kim from has links somewhere to the kind of curly black hair in the photos. Your sons are beautiful :slight_smile:


Yes I forgot to mention he still needs a haircut :haircut_woman:. LOL! My husband saI’d this hair makes him look like a monk. :see_no_evil:

Thank you for your advice. Highly appreciated. And thank you about my boys.

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You say the color is coming off? I seal before rooting the hair. That way I feel more comfortable in actually holding the baby’s head. Your sons are beautiful. Thank you for sharing their pics! I am getting ready to root my first AA baby today. The hair should be in the mail. I may have to pop back and use your sons as inspiration.

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I would have sealed him. I watched sealing videos but not getting the idearth properly. He actually lost colour by just sitting on the bed.

Here’s his colour before.

Thank you. You are most welcome to use them.


Yay, they are the baby pics I’ve been looking for! They are so cute. Your rooted hair is fine, it will look better once you cut it. I am saving the little cuties to my computer. Thanks!

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Your sons are so beautiful.

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Thank you!