My first rooted eyelashe

`I’ve done 10 dolls since December 2018 and this is my first rooted eyelashes. I’m so proud of myself🥰! I had tried before with only holes and broken needles to show for my work. The hair I used was from India, I got my hair cut Saturday and asked my hairstylist if I could save some of my own hair and explained reborn doll making. After the cut she reached into her drawer and gave me two swatches of light blond and brown. How nice was that! This baby is Skya, I painted orange hair and eyebrows. I don’t like doing eyebrows, I always get them to thick and usually too dark. This includes these. Overall I’m happy with her though. The pictures are withmy phone at night. Any critique is welcome.


Yep, you did it. Pat yourself on the back! :hugs::slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Anne, it is so true what folks have stated on here, try, try again, practice and eventually something clicks!

Good job on her eyelashes!

You’re doing a great job!!

Bravo, great job!

Very nice. Great job!

Thank you all for your kind words.

Beautiful! I love her coloring :heart_eyes: lashes are nice and sparse as should be. Mine look like strips of fur lol

I haven’t been brave enough to do hair or eyebrows of any kind :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Great job!

Thank you very much for your kind words, I have been watching your work for some time and I believe your dolls are very pretty. It is amazing how we newbies are improving. My personality is the kind that just pushing ahead whether I’m ready or not then regrets the results!


It’s all about getting new experiences and improving! Good job stepping out of your comfort zone!

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