My first redhead

Baby quinn (now sawyer) my first redhead.seemed to fit him.:wink::blush:


He’s a beautiful boy!

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Thank you, the color just sort of happened and i was ehh, it fits.

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He’s gorgous.

Cute, I love his hair!

Thank you,he snuck right into my hes mine.:wink:

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Thank you,im trying to get it right.

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So adorable!

Thank you,he was fun to paint.

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He is very cute. I love his red hair!

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He is adorable.

Beautiful work the hair looks very natural

He’s a cutie. Great work!

Thank you,i was trying for brown but got this instead.

Aww thank you.i just love how he turned out

That means a lot considering how amazing yours are.

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Thank you,so much

I love ginger babies, he’s a little cutie pie.

He’s beautiful :slight_smile:

Very pretty boy you have there.