My first reborn-Moby kit

This is my first kit, I had a so much fun figuring how how this baby would look in the end. I made him as a gift. I tell once I put his eyes in I feel in love with this kit! :smile:


Well done…what a cutie! and welcome to the reborning world…Just one warning for you…It’s terribly addictive…kinda like potato chips…you can’t have/do just one!..
You have done a very nice job!


Your first??? Wow you did an amazing job. I’m shocked that is your first. I love love love the painted hair. Great job. If you have more photos, please share.

Welcome to dolly land & the world of “reborning”.

Like Starr was saying once you start it is extremely hard to stop. Extremely addictive!!


Wow, Denise! Great job! I’d love to see more pics, too!

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You did really good for a first. Welcome to the forum.

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welcome to the family and omg he is adorable great job

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WOW, wonderful first baby!! I’m sure you already have the “bug”. Whoever is the recipient of this little one is going to go crazy with love. Welcome to the forum family. Waiting on more pics of many more babies. Happy Reborning!!!

Kudos! You’ve done an excellent job. The hair looks GREAT!!

Thank you :smiley: I am addicted I have ti admit, I am working on two now. Here is a few more of this baby, I made him a boy.


I love your baby, he is so adorable. May I make a small suggestion? Next baby watch your eyebrows, I think they are a little too high. Otherwise he is perfect. To bad you aren’t keeping him, cause he’s your first. That way you can watch your progress, Great Job!!!

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WONDERFUL 1st baby. The painted hair is better than many of the reborner that have painted many heads. You definitely have a talent and I can sure understand why it was hard for you toilet this one go. Lynn is right about the brows being a little high, but the color is great.

LOL! Pia, auto-correct got you again! (Toilet) :wink:

“to let” - darn spell correct!

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Thank you so much. I had not even thought about his eye brows being too high, I will watch for that, thank you. Great advise :slight_smile: I have just finished another. I am working on the Lainey kit now.

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