My first reborn Chanel, finished!


She is for sale, make me an offer!

She is nice for a first baby.
But can I suggest you keep her? It is great to see the progression of yourself as an artist if you keep your first baby.


Keep your first baby. I was going to sell my first then decided to keep her. Before I could take her off ebay (cause I was in hospital for a month), she sold. She was a beautiful green little non-gory zombie, that looked like a vintage doll. It broke my heart when I put her in that shipping box. She sold for $350 and I was very proud she sold and she was well loved by the lady who got her. But I still pine for that little green zombie. I think that is why I have a hard time promoting the other two reborns I have available, cause of her. Its totally up to you but I shared my experience so you don’t have the regret I did. I’ve done 5 reborns and even though that little zombie was near perfect and beautiful, I’m still new and I’ve come a long way from my zombie to a vampire, werewolf and an angel/human baby.


Just to provide another point of view: I’m still very new to the whole reborning thing with only three babies completed, of those three I’ve sold my first and second, and haven’t felt even a little regret. As someone who isn’t a collector/enthusiast and is in it for the creation process I know that keeping them around wouldn’t have provided me with joy, and having the old photos is enough to keep me happy. So I say go with your gut!


While I regret selling my first…I have to say this: I may have regret selling my first, but I still have that pride of selling a piece of art that I made. It made me feel like a real artist. I was proud of that and its something that I will always hold onto. It is a feeling you will never forget!

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I vote to keep your first. I kept mine and love comparing it to the ones I make now after years of painting.

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I agree. My first baby is not for sale. For one thing, I worked very hard on her and for a very long time. Too much investment for me to get rid of her, sell her, or whatever. Also, I wanted to be able to see my progression in the painting. But, of course, everyone is different.

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I have to say that you are doing really great with your shading and creases. I did a Chanel as one of my firsts and he wasn’t that great at all.

Nice job, what did you use to seal her limbs?

Cute!! I just finished that kit too!!:heart_eyes:
Here’s my version. He’s a boy and his name is Asher! He’s really not red in person it just the pictures.


Yes, I just dont feel a bond, or tug, or whatever it is!

Magic air dry paints ultra matte sealer.

Thank you for all this great input, and the compliments. She was a little on the shiny side but seems to be losing it and looking more matte…

I love his hair.

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Chanel was the second doll I did! My first was a Tibby. I’ll always keep my first doll Tibby, because she was the first, but also because I like to see how much I have improved from year to year. My mom had a friend that just adored Chanel, and I gave her to my mom’s friend, she still talks to me about how much she enjoys little Chanel.

I think you should keep her! First dolls are very special!

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She’s very cute. Are you going to paint her eyebrows or root them?

I havent decided yet! I did try drawing but they dont show up very well, and I’ve since drawn and painted hair, will post pics tomorrow during day!

You have to have the sealer on before prisma pencil will stick.

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Oh ok, thanks for that!!

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