My first biracial baby šŸ„°

She was a job to do! Any directions on how to do the steps for a AA baby? I done gave myself a headache figuring this one out. :joy:


What kind of paint do you use? Granted there are way better artist then me especially for AA babies but I use darker undertone mottling, darker washes etc and they end up with many many many layers!

Iā€™m using the genesis heat set paints. What other paints can you use to paint these dolls?

Professional Grade Air Dry Paints such as Golden and Liquitex. I use Liquitex. BB sells Golden.

I use art and magic waterborne air dry paints. There are also golden air dry, liquidtex, Reborn FX, ultimate fusion etc. The rest are air dry paints

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He looks so good!!! Yes ! Please send me your link to your you tube channel!! I messed up on my babies hands and feet. I have a hard time doing eyebrows too! She was just my first practice biracial doll I was trying to do for a friend and since I messed up her hand and feet Iā€™m selling her as a boo boo baby to my friend. :slightly_frowning_face:

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