My first baby is born!

Morning all! I am So excited to show you lovely people who have helped me out so much and have been amazing! And I cant show anyone in my house because he’s a secret!! Here is my very first reborn, he doesn’t have a name yet, born about 20 minuites ago. He is the lucy kit by nines d onil and is for my daughter for Christmas. She has been asking me for so long for a reborn, and after alot of research I fell in love with them myslef so decided to have a go! My daughter is 9 and loves watching all the reborn videos on YouTube, especially the Leah’s reborn world (not sure that is the correct spelling :thinking:) and really really wants a reborn nursery of her own, so this little fella is definitely the first of many. He isnt perfect but i think i did a good job for my first attempt. I’ve scratched his little face with scissors when doing his eyelashes so that’s a lesson learned, and his eye lashes are far from perfect. I was too impatient to get him put together! :joy:
Anyway here are a few photos, I’m not a great photographer like some of you, they are just taken on my phone in a badly lit room, very rushed because my daughter is in the next room!! Shhhhh :grimacing::joy::joy:


Wow, he’ll be so loved! What a wonderful thing to do!

Cute! Your daughter will be so happy!

He’s very cute!!

Thank you :blush::grin:

He is adorable!

Congratulations on your adorable baby!

Very nice first baby. Your daughter’s going to love him. I’ll bet you can’t wait for Christmas to get here.

Beautiful . Maybe let her enjoy it from now . She can get baby cloths or accessories for Christmas. To cute to hide it for another few months .

Thankyou :blush: dont know how I’m going to resist not giving it to her! This one is a complete surprise to her. She originaly asked for willow flower but i wanted to practice on this one first as the willow flower kit was hard to find in the uk so I wanted to get some practice in first. So now she is getting 2 babies :grin: I see willow flower’s mum has commented on this, I cant wait to get started on her! Shes the cutest kit. Any tips? :grin:

Oh he is lovely, what a lucky girl to have him for Christmas x

He is so cute!

What a wonderful gift for your daughter! She is going to love him!

Thank you :blush: I might have to make one for myself off santa! :grin::joy:

You did a fantastic job!!

Congratulations! First baby is always so exciting! Looking forward to see more of your creations and grows as an artist!