My first baby i made

His the very first one I have ever made


And he is a cutie!

thank you very much

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He’s adorable Jaclyn!! You did a great job! :heart_eyes:

He’s a great first baby! :blue_heart:

He is so adorable!

Not bad at all! I have never posted mine. I know she is not a great job! I do take into consideration for myself that I was so new at it (still am) and that she does look pretty good over all! My grand daughter who is 10 fell in love with her! Now I love her so much, too. I would not ever want to part with her! She was an Easton sculpt, but I let my granddaughter name her, and she is now Silvia. My husband has even held her so gently and one day when we came home form church and my grand daughter had put her on a chair. That night when my husband came home he said, “Silvia is still on the chair.” So, he picked her up and put her on the sofa and covered her up. :slight_smile:

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You should post so we can see! Don’t worry if you think it’s not a great job ~ my first went to the trash can. :confounded: Now I wish I had kept him so I could compare now to then. Oh well.

Oh my. You couldn’t make anything that bad Karen! :frowning:

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I agree with Karen. You should post your babies. We are so hard on ourselves and compare to master artists if we are new. Lol I do the same :grimacing:.

Oh, there was no way Silvia was going to a trash can! I worked on her too hard and tried so hard to learn and to do well. I wanted to keep her forever, as you say, to compare to later ones IF I ever make a really good one. :wink: Anyway, I guess I can post a pic. As soon as I can find one that is on the computer. :slight_smile:

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Ohh, he is so cute, you did a great job reborning him.

OK, I am going to attempt to post a pic of sweet Silvia. Remember, she is a 6-month size baby.

This is the second baby I did. I think I learned a little bit on Silvia. This is the Emma 10" sculpt. My granddaughter named her Liza. :slight_smile:

For some reason it took away the picture of Silvia. Anyway… this is the second one.

OK, I got them both back. :slight_smile:


Her wig did not actually get on straight. It should have been lower on the forehead. But, by the time I realized all that it was too late to move it. :slight_smile: Also, I accidentally ordered the wrong wig. I thought I ordered on that had little curls around the ears, and was much shorter. But, I guess I accidentally ordered the wrong one. So, she is a 6-month-old with LOTS of hair! :slight_smile: Yes, she is a little shiny, but not overly so. The flash made her look more so.

Oh my gosh I just noticed this baby looks like the cartoon character “Mr. Magoo”!! I never noticed it before, He is adorable and you did a lovely job on your first baby!! I think he’s very very cute!! @jaclyn

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Great job!

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One thing for sure, Ms. Silvia does have very poor eyesight, as did Mr. Magoo! :slight_smile: Very cute comment. :smile: I never would have even thought of that. Of course, I had to google Mr. Magoo. I never was big on comics. :slight_smile: Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning! I do think I learned a LOT with that kit. It was frustrating to a point some of the time. But, I was determined to make her, and she didn’t make me want to stop making dolls altogether! With the health issues I have, this is a good hobby for me as I can work on it when I feel up to it and then leave it when I don’t. I love this board!

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Thank you to all you ladies, I was so nervous about posting his picture, you all made me feel so much better.

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She’s adorable!! I wouldn’t be able to part with her either…My first baby was Olive and she’s not going anywhere lol. I love the Easton sculpt.

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