My first baby has arrived!

Hello! I’m Whitney! And I just got my first kit in the mail!! I’m so excited (hence all the exclamation marks)! I can’t wait to get started and get to know you guys :]


Who’d you get?? :slight_smile:

Yay! Great to have you here :blush:

How exciting!

Would like to know what kit you got!! :smiley: Looking forward to seeing what you create!

Hi Miss
cant wait to see your baby!


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I got Megan! And she’s so adorable!

Welcome…so nice to have you here…Megan! Love that little kid…she is so adorable…you will have lots of fun with her …We look forward to seeing pictures and if you need any help…let us know…lots of lovely ladies here with good advice and everyone is great to help each other out! :smile:

Hello Whitney and welcome to our growing family x

Looking forward to seeing what you do with your little Megan :wink:

Here she is my WIP!