my first babies...

I have been reborning for only about 5 weeks but collecting for quite a few years. Here are my 1st few babies… would anyone mind offering constructive criticism? I am SLOWLY getting better at rooting. None of these dolls are good enough to sell, I’ve just been giving them away to family. … ay5061.jpg … ay5065.jpg … ay5093.jpg … ay5122.jpg

Thank you for the tip!

I think each one shows improving skill! (who am I to talk, I’m working on #7!) As tempting as it is, I would recommend you not make them look so much like they’ve been crying…maybe a few dolls like that, but mostly, I (and that’s just me) like happier babies!

I think you have some very good skintones going on. The purple between the eyes seems a little dark, but that just means not going so heavy. Purple or blues soak into vinyl easily. I would suggest making sure it is very diluted. As you root, angle your needle more towards the head and in the direction you want the hair to lay. I can see the improvements in each one. I think you are off to a great start.

I think you are doing a great job and i agree with the other ladies have said. Everyone here asks for help or learns new ways to do something. i have just finished rooting my baby’s head and i know i will never root light blonde hair again! we have very talanted ladies here that are all willing to help. Remember a few things though, paint in an area where you have good lighting, take your time, thin the paints good and mostly check over your limbs and head before you bake. Remember GHSP wont dry till baked so before baking is the time to fix any mistakes. But if you miss anything, it can still be fixed. And keep an eye on kit as it’s baking.

Thanks for the help!
Actually I am using air dry paints right now. I ordered a kit a month ago from a lady (with the ghs paints) and she still hasn’t delivered it to me because she’s been sick or something. So I am waiting and waiting to get all my supplies. I have just been making due with what I have for now, so I don’t have all the colors I need, or the tools I need. My kit was supposed to be in over a month ago so I haven’t bought too many supplies in the mean time.

I will definitely take in to account everything you have said!