My first (and last lol) attempt at air dry

So I just finished my Kendal, my first attempt at using air dry paints. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again, she’s pretty bad! I just couldn’t seem to get the paints to blend or have that translucent look I get with genesis. I never did get the mottling right. I only tried the air dry because I had the liquitex lying around from something else, and she’s going to be a budget baby anyway. I’m letting her cure at the moment. My question is, I’m planning to add a wig, so do I need to let the paint cure before I glue the wig down and add eyelashes?

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I’m pretty sure the 72 hours cute time is only for rooting, so the paint doesn’t chip or crack. Gluing should be fine.

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I’ve tried to get into air dry and so far hate them.

Decided I’ll either sell all my supplies or put them to use painting rocks. We’re big into painting and hiding rocks in my town.


On vacation in Florida, I was introduced to finding rocks at a park. My daughter found one and we kept it. It made the best souvinier.


Awe Air Dry painting is not for everybody and if you are coming from GHSP to liquitex I think it is too different. I have never tried GHSP. I am still perfecting Air Dry. I am almost there with my method, lol. I love Liquitex! I am looking forward to trying Reborn FX.


most definitely let it cure first…kudos to you for giving it a go…I started it on my last doll but then ended up stripping it. I can’t seem to get it right either.


That"s great,our county is Cleveland Strong Rocks.I have painted about 300 rocks for the kids to hide.The grand children have a great time hunting and hiding.They also paint too.

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my first attempt at painting was air dry years agoo from bloomers and bows or something like that i couldnt master it at all. Got one nice head out of about 5 attempts. Then GHSP after burning a realborn kit i am working with liquitex stripped a bunch and now finally getting it I hope. I will probably do both types of painting.

I have only ever used air dry , however I have only used a wig on one of mine and did not wait 72 hours it seems unless you plan on removing the wig in the future if it messed with the paint it shouldn’t be an issue .

I pieced a wig on a head, next time if I know I am going to us a wig I am not going to paint the head.

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