My finshed baby

My first ever reborn. All comments and opinions welcome.:blush:(dont mind the wet mark, i wiped that area from a paint spot)


Looks great! I like the eyebrows!

I’m just finishing up Joseph as well

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Thank you. Aww i want to see him . :blush:

It’s a good and ambitiose start with a first baby.
With each new doll you’ll be more brave to use more colors, shadings, details, etc - all those techniques and tricks that turn painted doll into a reborn baby.
Are you planning to root his eyelashes? Did you drill his nose?

You picked a giant one for your first? Brave woman. She looks pretty good for a first. So cute in the wrap and hat.


Great first baby! For the next one, move the eyebrows down just a little lower and a little thicker top to bottom. They are painted very nicely though. Then for skin tones just more washes of color and more blushing. Great job though- better than my first :blush: and bravo for picking such a big baby to start with!

thank you. Im still debating on the eyelashes. And did not drill the nose .

He is really big, haha didn’t realize how big until i actually received him. Im pretty satisfied with how he came out for the most part and i didnt find it hard to paint at all it just takes time and patience, so im looking forward to the smaller babies i can imagine how less work they will be.

Thank you for the advice. My lighting is horrible so I was kind of scared to add too much coloring, didnt want him to look dolly… but i will play with more color next doll. Thank ypu

Great first baby! You did great on the eyebrows. I wish I had good advice to offer but I new at this. I like to read the advice others give. It definitely helps.

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Just a ? for you, @LisaLynn. You mentioned using different colors for the washes. Would be a good idea for a beginner like myself, to maybe play with the different colors, a good many different ones on one doll? I could do that on a practice piece. But, I have wondered how that would work out.

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Kudos for finishing a whopper! Yes, more depth on skin tone and blushing. I suck at eyebrows so no help there…lol


I am terrible at eyebrows but I make myself do them. I have used prisma pencils and they have to have a fine point. I have a sharpener that came with them but I have trouble getting the fine point. I think it is me.

My friend told me about prisma premier pencils. They are pricy but look at the colors in this free hand drawing.


Amazing work especially for your first baby and man that is a BIG first baby!
Great work on the eyebrows!
Thin washes of various colors can add wondrous depth to the “skin”.

They are pricey! Oh how amazing color tho! You can buy them in singles at hobby lobby/Michaels for around $2 each (where I’m from anyway at that cost)
I bought a set before realizing not all the colors I’ll need for dolls, so went and bought a few single colors. I sharpen to a fine point, dip tip in water and they run so smooth!

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I am going to hobby lobby then to look at singles. I didn’t know about dipping the tip in water. Thank you for the tips.


Some have said you can also dip tip in thinner, but since I use air dry water works great as well, just the tip then lightly dab on a paper towel. I don’t have the names of the singles I bought off hand since I’m at work, but I know black cherry is one I use the most for detail work

Search this forum first as not all colors look true on a vinyl.
However you are using air dry and not bake them, so for you it might be safer and colors will not change.


@YelenaRey Thank you.

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