My family's kit matches

I don’t know why I am determined to make portrait dolls of me, my brother, and my cousins, but I have half of them ready to paint. I just wanted to share the matches for three of us because I think it’s interesting and also if someone else sees a better match.

Me - Kimberly
Kimberly is long and skinny which is great because so was I (almost 22 inches). More I look at it though the less close it looks but still looks similar enough. There’s also a million pictures of me to pick from since I was the first baby, so every picture looks like a different kit.

My brother - Canon
I think a better match for my brother is LouLou but there’s no way I’m going to be able to grt my hands on a LouLou without going bankrupt. My mom saw the Canon head and said that it looked like him. I think Kodi Bear would be a good match for the second one though, since he got super chunky at ~6 months.

My cousin - Pearl
My youngest cousin really looks like Pearl. The eyes are super similar and so is the face shape. It’s hard to tell but since she was born when I was starting to remember things, I remember what she looks by memory. My entire family also agreed it looks like her. She’s going to be 15 this year so I doubt she’ll even care about baby dolls. It feels weird saying that she’s going to go to high school now out loud :flushed: The baby of the family is growing up lol.

I think I’m going to start on Kimberly first but it’s scary since I’ve never done a portrait before.


My mom asked me to make portrait dolls of my brothers and I but I can’t get her to agree on a kit match lol! At first we agreed on Phoenix for my brother. Then she said No ugh :woman_facepalming:t2:

I also am not sure where to start. I guess skin tone match? Hair color length style?

You did good with your kit matches I wish there were more rounded newborn heads though… pearls is pretty round. I think that’s what’s missing in Kimberly as a match for you :thinking:


Yeah I know :frowning: But Kimberly is still the closest match I think.

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Wow! Canon is a great match for your brother! Love those chubby cheeks! :heart_eyes:
I like Kimberly for baby you, i also kind of see Realborn Callie?
It can be so hard to match kits off pictures. Like you said, each baby picture looks like a different kit!!! Plus babies grow and change so fast at that stage. I think you did great matches for all three babies!


You got GREAT matches there-----Go For it!!

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Those are great matches. I’ve never been able to find a kit that worked for me, my daughter, or my granddaughter.:disappointed:


I made dolls of my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and I am so happy to have these babies to look at every time I go into my doll room. It’s better than pictures because they are 3D. Yours are going to be adorable.


I see a Shyann type kit for you :wink:

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Me either Shannon, my daughter is still very elusive, I keep looking though!

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