My "elfs" pulled by etsy

H I just received a notice from etsy that my fairys/elfs have been pulled because of “Intellectual Property Infringement” whatever that means to the average person. Ladies I have had these babies listed since Nov and had no idea that I could not use the phrase or that I can be booted off of etsy for something I have no idea of being an infringement, what it is. I have taken every reference to elf out of any ads and hope this is all I need to do to rectify this miserable situation, I hope fairy has no infringements on it. I guess we are all suppose research every thing we say in an ad. Beware head hunting is going on.


So frustrating, for sure!

Unbelievable! Etsy drives me crazy when it comes to this.

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I have sold fairies since 2012 and never had an issue. But that is the only term I use. Some company must have flagged your store for that term. I heard of this happening a lot lately.

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wonder if it applies to “elves” also?

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Can I get a link to your shop?I would love to see what you have for sale.

I just went on to etsy and search ELF and it brought up TONS of listings. I can’t believe someone could trademark/copyright the name of a so called race like an Elf. If I was you I would write to etsy and ask them exactly how are you in violation of “Intellectual Property Infringement” so you will know what word or phrase you can’t use.


I just googled this. The definition of intellectual property is ownership interest by an individual or entity in creations of the human mind that may be protected under the law. What?! Seriously?! I beg to differ. Any thing that is in or created by my mind belongs to me. If it’s not patented or trademarked I don’t care if someone uses it but they better not try to say it belongs to them. Infringement speaks for itself. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING THIS?! Has the whole world gone CRAZY?!

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Perhaps is was the way it was listed?
Maybe the phrase/name was what triggered it. I think you previously mentioned “elf on the shelf” maybe that is the issue in itself?

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oh boy! so sorry this is happening. Etsy seems to have issues lately too.

If you mentioned “elf on the shelf” or anything remotely similar it may have been flagged by the owners of that term/product line. They are very militant in defending their trademark. I sell teaching resources online and many of my fellow sellers on that site have been flagged during “sweeps” by the elf on the shelf people. The term “elf” alone should not be any sort of violation. (And just FYI based on my other selling experiences- stay away from any reference to Dr. Seuss or Disney. They are also extremely protective of their “intellectual property”)

Actually that whole thing has been resolved.

How was it resolved?

As far as I have seen it is still in the process.

It still says cancellation pending.

What is the exact phrase that is infringing somebody’s copyright or TM? I am sure it is not just the word elf by itself.