My Demonstration

At work I have been taking a training class for supervisors/managers. I am neither. This is the second time they have offered it and it was offered to anyone who wanted to take it. Anyway, today was our last class. (every Tues 1-5 for 8 weeks) Today we were to demonstate something. I had talked a little with the instructor last week and told her that I wanted to demonstrate painting mottling on a kit. Of course I had to explain it all to her. She was excited and suggested I create a powerpoint. She also thought I should bring in a bunch of dolls. At 5 pounds a piece, I didn’t want to bring too many. So, I created a basic powerpoint. I decided I would demonstrate how to do the mottling. Just as I was getting started, there stood the General Manager, Frank. He actually pulled up a chair and sat in. I went through my PP and explained the process. I always start with the fact that this craft is an art, not just a way for crazy people to collect babies. I mentioned how media presents reborns. When I finished the pp, I passed around three babies. Only one person would not hold one. Even the guys in the group were checking them out. It was fun to see reactions. Then I passed around Meg’s limbs so they could see the limbs close up. Then I invited them to my table where I demonstrated how to root hair and showed how to do a mottle layer.

It was alot of fun and nice to see people genuinly interested. One person is interested in a look-a-like baby. I think I was sucessful with presenting reborning as a true form of art. I think I did us proud, ladies.

Congratulations on representing a disputed art form! Your presentation sounded very interesting. Who knows, you might just get some orders also.

Way to go, Kim! Congrats to you! Sounds like your presentation was a big hit!

Super idea and it sounds like a great presentation!

Great job! What a perfect time to explain what it’s all about, and it sounds like you kept the audience interested!

Thanks. I saw one of the people from the class today. He works at the security desk where we have to pass through every day. He’s 23. Nice kid with alot of potential. He told me he thought my presentation was excellent. His sister works there, too, but was not there for the last class. He was telling her about it and was disappointed that she missed it. So, who knows where it will go. My Aunt keeps telling me to contact the tech school about teaching a class. I’m just not sure how many people could afford it. Plus, I probably would have to invest in two or three portable ovens. Something to think about.

I’d have never thought about teaching a class thru the tech school but they do offer classes on every other type of craft so why not reborning? Glad your presentation went over so well. Men can be just as crazy over a baby as women. My friend’s husband went crazy when he saw my first doll and believe me, she wasn’t that great!