My dad made me a gift!

Just wanted to show you guys this awesome drying rack my dad made me! It’s spaced well and strong enough that it can hold anything up to toddler sized kits! I’m so excited to have something sturdy and I can dry two kits at once! So glad I have a crafty dad that can do things like this! Note: he also painted it purple ‘because it’s a mix of pink and blue’ which I thought was very sweet :heart:


That’s so awesome!!! Lucky girl with a great dad!

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Ooooh wow cool! What’s sweet thoughtful Dad! And to paint it purple!!! What a cutie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s great!

That is awesome! And ‘support troops’ always very important!


Purple is always a lovely color!

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He sounds like a very caring and thoughtful dad :heart:

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Aww…what a sweet thing for him to do for you!!!

I love it!!!

Awesome! That is so perfect!

That’s so nice, what a great dad❤️

That is such a thoughtful thing for him to do! :heart:


Sounds like you have a very sweet and supportive dad.:blush:

Thank you ladies for your sweet comments. He’s such a teddy bear in disguise. He wants to act all tough and say ‘well I had the stuff laying around, and I was bored’ but we all know better :joy:

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That is so sweet! He did a great jpb! Enjoy it and your dad. Wish I still had my dad. :kissing_heart: