My customer is awesome :) pic heavy

Grace’s new mommy was so happy to receive her today! She had a little photoshoot and sent me all these cute pictures! I had to share :grinning:



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What a sweet new mommy, she is very loved​:heart_eyes::heart:

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It’s always great to receive such feedback! Happy for you! Grace is great! :heart_eyes: Ddi you sent her with that clothes or her mommy already shopped for her?

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Awww what a great feeling to see her so loved and cared for :heart_eyes:

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So cute! I love when my customers send me pics :heart:

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Thank you for the compliment! These were all things that she had for her! I sent her in a sweet little take me home layette that said “made with love.” I love all the little clothes she picked out though! She looks so girly and her modified paci even matches most of it!


Me too! It melts my heart! She told me she was getting things ready for pictures before she even arrived. Then silence…then a few hours after delivery I got a 2 emails of pictures! So cool!


She’s beautiful and it’s great to get pictures back from the new mommy!

Thank you!