My custom Kenzie! Pic HEAVY

I finally finished my custom kenzie in just over three weeks. (I usually work many hours a day so it’s quicker). This doll is not my favorite I’ve done, but I still think he’s cute. I don’t think the eye color is super realistic but his mommy wanted them and I do think they’re cute. This kit looks all girl to me, but I did my best with the hair to make him look boy-ish. I also had problems making him stay in the ‘crawling’ position, because his mom wanted him ultra heavy like my 18 pound June she owns. I can’t believe I got this skinny 3-6 month baby to weigh 16.5 pounds! I guess I could’ve gotten an armature, but his mommy doesn’t want to wait to see him! Anyway, on to the pictures

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To add, I think my biggest struggle with this doll was rooting lashes. It was hard to make them look natural and not like they were growing out of the eyelids. Then they didn’t want to curve upwards, even though I tried wetting them and letting them set. I ended up brushing Gem-Tack up over the outside of them where the were rooted and this worked

@RebeccaKatie finally finished him!

He is so cute! You did a great job! I love his eyelashes. And what a beautiful box packing! I’m sure his mom will be very happy with him. And wow, how did you manage to make him (and june!) so heavy?! I’ve got to learn to make mine heavier!

Ps. LOVE the dumbo onesie!!

Dumbo is my all time favorite movie! Every time I see anything dumbo I buy it, it was hard to let this outfit go, but I doubt I’ll ever have a boy in my collection. Box packings are my absolute favorite part of reborning, and I love shopping around for deals so I can send all my babies with nice ones. Although I LOVE heavy babies, I would never go over 10-11 pounds for myself even for a baby the size of June or Joseph. They’re not comfortable at all to hold when they’re heavier than that. But this mommy looooves heavy babies. They’re also pretty hard to pose at this weight. I get questions all the time on Facebook about how I get them so heavy. I don’t use metal pellets or anything, as they take up too much room. I essentially fill the limbs completely with beads, no polyfill, and seal them. The bodies are 90% glass beads with polyfill only in the outside around the sack of beads to cushion them. The head is probably 40-50% glass beads. This baby was really hard to get to the 16 pound mark because of his size. His body is rigid because of how full it is of glass beads. Not very cuddly at all :frowning: But if the mommy is happy, I am. I could get a seven month June probably 23-25 pounds if I really tried and a newborn 9-10

I’m just over here wondering how she carries them around being that heavy lol! Lawd have mercy I know I couldn’t it being dead weight it’s a whole lot heavier.

Yeah. I can barely lift him. Holding him for any amount of time hurts me really badly! She says she doesn’t hold them and only displays them, but why would she want them so heavy then


Thank you!

I am the same way. I made my first doll, the Easton 6-month sculpt, about 12 pounds just going by the amount given in tutorials and such. I could not hold her. My should hurt. So, I took a lot out. I don’t make any baby heavy now. Being dead weight makes a whole lot of difference.

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His mom will love him. Very sweet babe.