My Corbin, on eBay

I d k u guys, I think he’s very sweet, and people seem to really like the idea that he favors the characters from Aladdin, AND I think he’s at a really good starting price for his quality and all he comes with…but this is the third time he’s been listed :confused:maybe the right mommy just hasn’t seen him yet


It may help if you dress the ad up with a nice template. I hope it works out for you this time.

I agree with Amy! A template will get more views. I also think you should list the sculpt name in the title. Someone may be looking for Corbin and they won’t find him with a"search".

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Thanks guys! I actually used to use templates all the time. I haven’t sold on eBay for a LONG time! Seems I’ve forgotten the “game”, lol.

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I’m a watcher! BOL with his adoption, he’s a cutie!

will be watching as well and cheering him on!