My Celeste

hope this deleted the pics, I didn’t know, thanks for telling me :slight_smile:


Super job. LOVE the fingernails. So realistic looking.

She’s adorable! You should’ve entered her in the contest!

Thank you so much!

, thank you!

Am I seeing this right? That’s formula in her mouth that she hasn’t swallowed yet, because someone just yanked the bottle out of her mouth? Genius!! I love it and you have done a lovely job on the rest of her, too!

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LOVE the peeky eyes!

I was under the impression the challenge Celeste’s were not to be shown until the actual challenge.
Someone correct me if I’m wrong; I’ve never participated in a challenge before.

I have kept mine under wraps and have not shown her to anyone…well, except for Michele, of course. I had to show her since she’s handling the challenge. My Celeste is literally in the closet. :blush:

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The challenge entries aren’t supposed to be shown. :confused:

Yes you are right! Thank you!

oh I should delete then? :dizzy_face:

Oh boy my first time posting and I didn’t know, how do I delete?

Click on the pencil at the bottom of the post and delete the pics.

Oh, man. I missed it. Guess it’s for the best. I can’t wait for the challenge pics to vote.