My box of blessings

My Sweet friend Tiffany sent me these older RDK kits she found at a yard sale to see if I could do anything with them. I am so blessed and excited! Here is the link to where I posted all the pics on FB. Hopefully you all can see them. In them my treasure find was little Mila by Bonnie Brown! I have long wanted her and now I have her!


Wow! Congrats on the great finds.

Wow, that sure is a box of blessings! What a good friend you have.

You are so lucky to have such a good friend. You are going to make some beautiful babies from those kits. I’ve done several RDK kits and still have a few in my stash. Looks like you are going to have some fun!!!

Yes, there are some cute ones here. I just have to overcome the red vinyl and the other big thing is these vinyls all stink! They have a very strong vinyl smell to them. I am hoping the kit bath takes care of it.

I don’t have FB so I can’t see them. :sob:

Lemme see what I can do here.

I wish I would stumble across a big box of kits at a yard sale!! What luck!!

What a nice friend. I love the 3rd and 4th