My Benji Winters

This little guy is one of the first kits I purchased almost two years ago when I first began learning this art form. I just finished him today.


He’s adorable!

How sweet is he wow great job

Love him!

He’s cute! How did you wait so long? I wouldn’t have been able to. :smile:

Thank you for the kind compliments, ladies! :smiley:

I hid him at the very bottom of the storage box I keep kits in. Just came across him again two weeks ago and thought, it’s time to bring him to life. :slight_smile:


Very, very cute.

I painted Benji and I am considering doing another as an AA baby.


Beautiful soft looking baby!

How precious. Nice work.

Very pretty!

Benji is so cute. Nice job.

I forgot to tell you how sweetly you have reborned this little guy in my original comment. Sorry - love the kit and love your version too!

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He is really beautiful ! Love his coloring, looks just like a sleeping baby, Super Job.

Thank you, all!

I am now watching him on eBay! Go baby!

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I hope that someone out there wants him.

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