My Bean ♡ pic heavy!

Finished this sweet boy tonight and couldn’t wait to share him!! I just love how easily he came to life once assembled. He’s so cuddly!


Were you able to get a body from BB for Bean?

Yes, but it was a long while ago. I had originally bought it for Jasper fairy. Since Bean was done first I used it for him instead.

Ahw, how cute!

He is so sweet!!

Cute! I love the way you made his hands and feet a little darker than the rest of his limbs.

What a sweetie! Beautiful job.

Thank you! I love him. I don’t want to sell him! Lol

He came out really cute! Very nice pics, too ~ I have the hardest time taking decent pictures.

Thank you! I normally have a hard time with photos too. These were taken with my new camera and it was actually night time. Can you believe it?! :smiley:

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Really??! They turned out great!

Yes I couldn’t believe how great they came out. I did use flash though.

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I especially love the one showing how tiny his hand is, so precious :heart:

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:blush: :heart_eyes:

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