My BB haul

Im so excited!!!
I have sold my first baby (my 4th baby ever done by me) and I have four that are painted, three curing, and Ill be sealing and rooting one this week. My husband told me that Im going industrial LOL.
So having finished my last kit this weekend Im so happy these came this morning. I am starting these two boys in the front this week…so excited for Landon and my first belly plate :blush:


Yes!! So much fun isn’t it

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Yes, Im a certified addict now :wink:


so funny, i sold my first not local baby this week, have one ready to root, one prepped, and two BB orders arrived today 4 kits, i still have 2 additional i haven’t started. when game on. lol

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I got 8 in this shipment plus I bought three during the Halloween sale, and I just bought Grant’s twin, can’t think of her name right now…and waiting for him to go on sale. I really need to stop LOL. I live in France so when things are on sale I buy them and send to my friend and then when i get enough babies she ships them to me. Otherwise Id be paying 30 euro for every time I find a baby on sale…7 dollars for shipping to the US saves me a bit of money.
I think this is a good time to sell, everyone wants Christmas babies :slight_smile:
I wish I could have more time to paint but Im homeschooling my kids, we just had a two week break, it was nice, i got a lot done but back to school this week ;).
Fortunately we have half days on Wednesday and Friday and my kids have also have therapy and, my daughter, guitar lessons throughout the week so I do get some free time and then there is always the weekends :smile:

although my shipping is cheaper, i still find it expensive and try to do the same, finding all the ones i want on sale is tough, so i feel ya

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who is that in the first picture on the right?

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Landon and Charles are in the first pic :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile:

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