My BabyFX Color Guides are now Free and some painting updates info here

Since I wrote the BabyFX Color Guides, I realized along the way that painting with as much water as we have done with these paints we need to add some binders back in. I have never had any issues with my paints fading but I did start adding back more binders early on after making these guides. Many of us had discussed this after the release of Sure Bond and had begun to do so. I did not change these guides to include that info. Therefore, I recommend that you add 2-3 drops of either BabyFX Sure Bond, or Golden Fluid Matte Medium to each color mix you make up and if you feel you need more adjust accordingly based on how much water you are using. This will increase the binders in the paints making them stick better. Reducing the amounts of water you use for every layer will only ensure better adhesion and durability of the paints (any brand) against fading. This can increase sheen on your pieces but that can be matted down at the end with matte sealers. I can not say enough how important it is NOT to paint with watered down paints only. It is totally fine to create one or two water wash layers as you paint but those layers need to be sandwiched between layers of paint that are little to no water. Another option is you can apply a binder layer over them to lock them down as well. This can be done with either a thin layer of Sure Bond or if using art grade products, Golden Glazing Liquid or Fluid Matte Medium. The Fluid Matte Medium is the better choice IMO as it has less sheen and can be spread very thinly. It is also recommended to be used as a ground for painting.

To gain access to my Color guides:

You can gain access to the .pdf files on my website or blog.

On the blog just do a search for each color guide to find them updated to the blog posts here.

In the coming weeks in my blogs you will see me making alterations to how I paint as I incorporate the RebornFX system into my painting methods. In doing so, I will be using the RebornFX Emulsion fluid to incorporate the BabyFX paints with the system and will no longer be painting using the methods above as I feel this is a better alternative.


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I should also clarify here that it is not necessary to change paint systems if you have one you are happy with (in my case BabyFX has been discontinued). I am just recommending everyone think about adding some binders in with their paints for better adhesion and longevity. Using a good primer as well is highly recommended. This is after my having done a good bit of internet research and discussing painting on vinyls with companies like Liquitex. RebornFX has a product called Emulsion that you can mix with any brand of air dry paint to make it work well. Using ReBornFX Air in Conjuction with other Air Dry Paints - YouTube

I have been mixing my own paints from artists acrylics for awhile now, but would certainly consider changing if there was something better that saved me time. What confuses me so much is that each air dry product seems to have mediums, sealers, slow dry retarders, and additives but they are often called by names that make it hard for me to figure out what does what. In discussing with Linda from Dolls Dreams my fading issues with LDC paints several years ago, she advised me that the matte base had to be used because that was what added the binders back, but for some reason I could not always get the ratio right. I look forward to hearing more as you learn!

LDC paints were not as pigmented as some of the paints that have since come out for reborn dolls. I had issues with them fading as well and also drying up in the pots so I stopped using them.

I have lots of info posted here as well as on my blog that explains the artist grade mediums.

Basically, anything labeled as a medium, gel, or glaze has binders in it. Retarders and/or Slow Drys have no binders and will break down pigments in the same way that water will. Some Flow Mediums also do not contain binders unless the company states that they have added them in to strengthen their binding ability.

Some companies state that they have premixed your paints for you so that they contain everything that you need and you just need to add water. This becomes tricky because until you try the paints you do not know for certain how much binders they have put in them vereses retarder etc. However, once you try a particular brand of paint if it beads up on the vinyl when water is added to it then you know you need to add some binding agent in as well to balance out the water. This is the easiest way to be certain you have a good balance.

Using a primer is not totally necessary but it does insure that the vinyl surface is sealed of all oils and the paint has something to stick to. It also prevents the paint pigments from seeping into the vinyl and disappearing on you.

Thank you so much for the invaluable information provided here! Great for a newbie like me!

I just wanted to say that I followed the link to your tutorial on using BabyFX paints and the first tutorial link doesn’t work. The second one works perfectly.

I would love to read your first tutorial as I am about to start using BabyFX paints. Could you fix the link please?

The link that isn’t working is called “Dumplins Beginner’s BabyFX Color Guidez”

It should be fixed now.

How kind of you to fix it so quickly for me! Thank you very much!