My baby and my kit are missing from my porch

I bought TigerLily from an individual and a completed baby from someone else early this week. Both were listed as delivered but they are not here. :confounded::confounded::confounded: I have new neighbors with young children. I am thinking bad things and want to go introduce myself and ask if they took them. I’ve looked on the local yard sale sites and craigslist.
Do I file with the post office? I should let the sellers know first right? I’ve never had this happen before and I’m just sick and mad.
I sure hope they have fun trying to figure out what they have :cry:

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I’d ask the neighbors if they were accidentally delivered to them. If they were, they may not know who they belong to. I wouldn’t ask if they took them because that will put them on the defensive and they might not know anything about it. They could have been stolen by an unknown party. Was there any signature confirmation?


Aww that seems to be happening more and more. But most times the PO can figure out if it was delivered to the wrong address and get it back to you. Don’t get upset too much yet. That recently happened to @Tessa and she got hers about a week later. But I would let everyone know so you can start the process to get your money.

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This happened to me earlier this month!! The package had been delivered 100 numbers down the road from me. I’d checked with all the neighbors and the logical house numbers to check (I’m 335, and sometimes my mail gets misdelivered to 355, so I checked there, etc) but I couldn’t find it. I was having a cow. UPS was very helpful, but MacPherson as a seller really came through for me. I’d inform the sender of the packages right away so they can contact the company they mailed with, let the seller know that the package was delivered to the wrong house (most likely, this is what happened!) and has not been located yet, and that it was an item of great value. The postal service should be able to help you out.


How long has it been?

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I went to the across the street neighbor and the new neighbor. They had not noticed anyone around. The new neighbor did mention my yard man. I mentioned that I wanted to see if he had noticed anything suspicious. He is a big, scary guy and the whole time I’m thinking “you are scared of my yard man?” I assured the new neighbor that the yard man was harmless. I left a note for my neighbor next door. Neither of us are hardly ever home. I hope they pulled them in from the rain. They are just a few yards away.
I will wait a day or two to see if the neighbor calls then I will go to the post office. I am going to tell them to please quit putting mail on my side door and to put it on the covered porch instead. If there are package snatchers they are less likely to see them on the front porch. I am just so frustrated to think that poor Tigerlily and Paris are in the hands of thieves.

@jlesser one was delivered Wednesday and the other Thursday. I was there Wednesday and it was not there…so maybe it was delivered to the wrong address. I can hope that is what happened. My neighborhood is becoming not the best though and I am a pessimist.

I’m so relieved to say that my closest neighbor just called and they have the babies!


Yay!!! :relieved:

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We had a package delivered here for 510 i am at 610. Was going to haul it down to them but lucky there was phone number on package so I called and they came got it. It was a big package


One time while I was out of town I got several packages. My husband told me I had 3 waiting for when I got home. Several days later when I got there I eagerly tore into them. The first 2 were dolly items and the 3rd was some auto parts. I flipped the top back over and looked at the address and it wasn’t even for me. It was someone about 5 blocks down the street. I drove it down to him as it was pretty heavy. He was glad to see his package. He said he had called the post office and the sender wondering where it was.

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Last summer I moved about 3 miles away from my old house but into a different city and state. A few months ago, the people who bought my old house contacted me about a package for me that they’d received. It was a kit I had ordered from Macphersons. The strange thing is, when I went to pick it up, the box had my correct, NEW address on it but was delivered to the OLD address, which wasn’t anywhere on the package! I was just grateful that the new home owners took the time to reach out to me!


Around xmas my daughter ordered makeup to give to her friend. My informed delivery said it was delivered but we never received it. I called the post office they tracked it and said it was delivered one street over, they would trace it for us. Well, we finally received the package. It had a “sorry it got stuck with all our other boxes” note on it. As my daughter opened the box, she could tell that someone sampled the goods. So much for honesty. They would of never returned it unless the post office notified them it was traced to their house.

I have such little faith in the postal service anymore. My daughters ID showed up on my informed delivery email on March 12th and NEVER showed up. I opened a case with USPS that resolved absolutely nothing. On top of that, we were in the middle of a move. Now we have to go to the DMV again and hope that nobody steals her identity. I phoned DMV customer service and the lady told me that an ID card doesn’t give somebody enough information to steal another persons identity. I’m sorry, but it has a LOT of information on it. An entire identity, just short of her SSN. Grrr!

Someone intercepted an ID from someone I know and bought a house with the other persons information.

That’s very scary!!

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