My babies in the newspaper again!

Hey, hey!

Happy to announce that my dolls have once again made it to the newspaper (5 BB kits among others)!

I’m pleased that the journalist wrote it exactly as I wanted, and didn’t force any kind of sensationalism or bad connotations. It is presented as a new kind of hobby that helps me relax when I’m studying for my exams

I’ll post a capture later! So happy!

That’s great news. Congratulations.

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The “censored” part is me rooting my pageant entry and an add that doesn’t have anything to do with the story

That is very exciting Martina - congratulations!

Wow again good for you congrats’

How exciting for you, Congratulations!!

Thank you, ladies I’ll post a link to the online version after the voting is over You won’t understand a thing, but you’ll at least see the better quality photos!

Congratulations on the article.

Well - how does it feel to get all that publicity? Congratulations and I will look forward to the link after 8:04am on Sunday…

Pia - it feels… well, weird! There are unknown people adding me on FB (hopefully, future customers!), some old (very old) aquaintances suddenly texting me and congratulating!

I expected that when the artcle gets online that there will be some nasty user comments, but surprisingly, there were only few of them, and other people kept giving them minuses and “defending” me and this hobby. Cool