My antique doll

Here are some pictures of my little antique doll. I was about 9 or 10 when I got this. I was at a rummage place with my family and I spotted her up on a high shelf. I asked my mom if I could see it. I immediately fell in love with this doll. I asked her if I could get it. She knew it was old and wasn’t sure how much it would cost. She told me I would have to ask the lady how much it was. So I carried her over to the lady and asked her how much. She said it’s two dollars but for you–$1. I was so excited. I am not sure if it has any value to it, but for me it’s priceless. My mom tried to discourage me because of all the cracks in it and the chunk missing from the top of the head. The outfit was tattered and worn, but I still wanted it. I think I played with her more than any other doll I had. She is in the same condition as when I got her. So, here she is. If any of you out there know about this type of composition I would sure appreciate some info. Also, info regarding restoration and if it’s possible. There are no markings anywhere. She’s a baby with an unknown history. (other than the last 40 year history)

Do you think this is her original outfit? It appears to be commercially made, as the edges have a machine overcast.

What a cool doll i know it was made before 1950 because that’s when they started making plastic head dolls. Her outfit is really cute. I find some of the combo dolls scary but I think this one is really cute!

I have just started searching. It’s hard to compare after looking at this little cracked face for so many years. I will measure her and look again for any markings. Thanks everyone for all your help and ideas. My nearest library is 28 miles away.

Yes, she does have a crier–doesn’t work, though. I looked again and there are no markings on her or tags on her clothing. She’s a mystery. I really would like to have her restored some day. I’ll have to keep looking for doll shows nearby like someone suggested.

Thanks, Jen. I’ll check them out.