My 3rd and 4th custom Gracie's made it home right before Christmas**super pix

Gracie #3

Gracie #4


They are lovely! I really love all that hair!

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Thank you!:kissing_heart:

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It came out so pretty I like the straight hair you used, whose was it?

WOW that hair! How long did it take to root them? They’re gorgeous!

Thanks everyone!!
@SnuggleBabiesNursery I used human hair.
@Rainbowbabies between the two it took me about 5 days rooting about 4-5 hours each day and juggling between work, 3 kids (5yrs old and two 3yr old twins), and the house lol


Wow! You are skilled in mummyhood. 3 under 5 plus reborning. I only 1 3 yr old to manage

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Thank you.

That sounds like how I do it too lol!

Wow- superspeed rooting! And with little ones too…You’re amazing!

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Thank you!