My 1st Reborn....Opinions

Hi ~ I just finished making my first reborn and I loved every minute of it and wanted to share his picture with you.
The hardest part for me was doing to veining. I probably should have put more on his face/head but honestly, beings
it was my 1st time I was nervous!!

Tell me what you think? I’d love to hear all of your input ~ Thank you! Sorry if the picture is really huge lol ~ I’m new, bare with me [attachment=0]IMG_9176.JPG[/attachment]

Very nice first baby and if this is your first rooted head - you did VERY well I think.

Yes, it was my 1st time rooting. Thank you very much! Believe me, he has a lot of flaws lol
I’m very happy to have started this hobby though. I can’t wait to purchase a new kit and to keep

wow, I think you did great too!! I had to root the hair on my first baby, only have reborned 2, but anyway, I rooted it 3 times before I was happy, lol. Only the 3rd time, her hair turned her face blue, lol. I haven’t figured that one out, but afraid I will have to strip her and start over sadly enough, and don’t know how that will work out with her now pretty natural looking hair, Anyway, good job!!!

You guys are making me laugh! I watched a lot of rooting videos on youtube & learned to angel the needle on certain areas. He has a lot of hair and thank you all for you compliments… I’ve pricked my finger a few times rooting lol & after 2 days and 6 hours total of rooting, I had shooting pain from my thumb to my elbow lol. At first I couldn’t figure out why I was in pain and then it occurred to me…ROOTING. lol Ugh I was in so much pain. Veining was tough for me too. I think I had the wrong type of brush even though it was very thin. I bought a new one…it’s thinner (didn’t know that was even possible lol) I even tried using toothpicks but I stunk at that too.

He’s painted with air dry paints. Has anyone ever tried them? They’re called Luminaires? After I completed him I sealed him with a Sealer I bought at Michaels Crafts. I dont know …it’s called All Purpose Sealer by Americana or something like that lol. I think he looks a bit shiny… but oh well. It was my 1st time so what did I know lol

You did a great job all around for your first baby. This is just the beginning of many more babies to come.

— Begin quote from “ChristinasCreations”

Wow his hair is beautiful!! You did a great job on him. My first dolls hair was a nightmare!! I just stuck that needle in every which way I could Did not know there was a certain way to do it. I have thought about redoing her now that I have gotten a little better, but she was my first and I wanted to keep her so I could always look back on how I started and my progress since!!

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Wow, that’s awesome!! Alot of people sell their 1st babies. I couldn’t bring myself to sell mine either for exactly the same reason. I think it will be awesome to have my Paisley, who will be a boy when I work out the issues to compare all my other babies to. The same with my second baby, but then again, lol, I am sort of attached to all the kits I have and have no clue how I will part with any of them. I suppose when I run out of room, I will start letting go

Yours looks great compared to mine. Poor baby was stripped over and over. I’d started with craft paints - too thick so I stripped her and did it again with craft paint. Then bought paints from Bloomers and Bows. I use luminaires too. I love them! The best air dry sealer I’ve found that didn’t have shine was using a very, very thin layer of genesis matte sealer but I prefer to use air dry sealer. I use FolkArt Glass and Tile medium matte finish. I’ve heard some people had problems with it but I haven’t. I think they used too thick of a layer. I use only a tiny bit thinned with water…lots of water! Any matte sealer does blur details a tiny bit so don’t be shocked. Personally I hate the feel of matte so usually I deal with a little shine so I can touch the doll! Just pm me if you have any more questions

He is very well done for your first reborn! My first was horrible! I made the mistake of using a milk colored thinner. Welcome to reborning!!! Can’t wait to see reborn #2!!!

You did a great job! I just finshed my first doll to and I have to say I was a nervous reck! I had a hard time with the needles they kept on breaking! Good luck on the next ones you will do great!