Muddy Hands :(

I LOVE painting the babies, and I’m getting pretty comfortable with my technique, and trying out new techniques, but I’m not happy with the palms of the hands. They almost always look a bit “muddy”. Can anyone point me to a tutorial that could help me sort this out, or offer up some pics and tips of your own? Thanks!!


After applying a wash, use a sponge or mop brush to pounce the creases. Also, a toothpick can help you clean out those areas before you bake.


Thank you! I have the crease thing down, it’s more the palms and soles themselves, but I think the genesis thinning medium might do the trick. You use that instead of the paint thinner?

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No, I use liquid thinner for when and mottles. I use the Genesis Thinner for the creases and lip color, though. What I meant about cleaning the creases is for every time I apply a wash layer. The paint can pool in to creases so I always pounce them with the mop brush.

Hmmm, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. My creases are okay, but the palms themselves get kind of splotchy or muddy and I don’t have the problem on the rest of the body. :frowning:

Post a pic to show what’s happening.


Here’s my muddy foot. I know what I’m doing with the tones, but I just can’t get the paint to blend quite right. Like on the toes especially, it doesn’t look anything like the rest of my painting.

If you pounce those areas right after applying the wash, you’ll avoid that.

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What has been happening is that when I pounce, it is removing way too much of the color. I haven’t been able to find the sponges that I used to use, and I am having difficulties handling them in the small areas. What brand are you using?

You can also do several thin layers…it looks like you may be trying to get all the colour in one hit and so it is pooling in spots…Also, do you mix fresh paint regularly and stir it around with your brush on and off while applying it as the pigment will settle some in the dish, especially if it is a very thinned mixture, so it may be somewhat separated when you apply - meaning clear thinner and pigment are not fully blended when you put it on the sponge…

You will also get that effect to you go back and try to correct a spot when the paint has dried as fresh thinned paint will take off dried unbaked layers…

.Another problem is that the areas you are having trouble with ARE hard to get into…you have to pounce them with a mop brush and then a sponge and then a mop again, etc till you get it even…

Sony72’s advice is great too…with the GHS thinner you have more control of the paint and are able to pounce with mop or sponge and get a ‘smoother’ finish…(You will have to definitely use matte/satin layer after using the GHS thinner though because it will cause shine… :smile:)


Thank you!! I will check those out. :smile:

Okay, thank you for your detailed response! Yes, this was a teeny preemie foot, and very hard to deal with. I will try your suggestions! :grinning:

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