Movie babies

How do people sell their babies to movie studios?

Ask westernstarr!

Hi Jeanhai,

Not sure about other ladies but with my first one that I sold, one of the ladies from the studio just happened to see my doll on Ebay of you can believe it…She emailed me and told me who she was and if she purchased the doll could I have her there (Victoria, Aust from Queensland Aust) by Monday because they were starting shooting the scenes that needed the baby in them that Monday or did they need to send a courier to pick her up…I told her I would express post her and she would be there…It was a bit of a shocker for me to have that sort of an email and I thought it may be a hoax till I had to address the doll to her attention at the Dockland Studios…They used her in the movie Predestination starring Ethan Allan and Susan Snook…After that your name kinda gets passed around at the studio and they just email you when they need one…She gave my name to another department who were looking for one for a television series and it kinda went from there. May have just been one of those ‘freak’ things…that I had the right doll up at the right time and it looked real and suited the part and she liked my work but once they get one of your dolls and if they like you…you get repeat business. Not sure how other ladies have been chosen but I do know that they scout ebay and other reborn forums, word of mouth, I give out business cards for my website and always include one in my doll box when I have a customer - put in a few extras cards to the studio, just in case…heehee - etc. The same happened with the Designer Kids Clothing Photographer…He saw my work on Ebay and I ended up doing 18 toddlers, 10 reborns and 2 5 year old size Angelina’s for him. I guess he figured that if my dolls looked ok with the photos I took with my little Sony Easy Shot camera, he could use them…lol (He was a stickler though…very stressful doing those babies and it almost caused me to quit…mostly because he wanted them on a strict schedule and wanted rooted eyelashes, rooted eyebrows, human hair, glass full round yes and weighted to very heavy weights so that the ‘stayed up’ for the photographing…It just about broke my back trying to pack them…hahahaha! - he did not care about the cost but I held my breathe every time I posted one till I heard back…He always paid in advance though which was nice but I finally told him that I could not do any more because reborning was becoming a ‘job’ and all the fun was going out of it for me…I have always done to dolls fore the love of it…The money is a perk for me…mostly to fund my ‘reborning habit’. I have done quite a few free babies over the last 6 years for nursing homes, elderly, mentally challenged, ladies groups that help other ladies get over miscarriages or loss of a child, etc because I love to see the joy it brings to their lives and it is so rewarding. I started using Ebay mainly for exposure about 5 years ago to build my customer base. I do not really like Ebay now but I have to say that it has been worth it. I have a wonderful customer base of repeat customers and many of them bought their first baby from me off there.Now before I ever list, I just send out photos to many of my ladies that asked to be added to my email list and I rarely have to list a doll unless I just want to put one up to keep my name out there…Anyway, I am sure there are other ways but that is my story…lolo


Great story. Thanks for sharing it.

Starr, you are so successful and I’m sure it’s all the things you said, but also, your babies are wonderful and you are a very nice person from what I can tell on here. You deserve all the success and none of the stress.


You are a super sweet lady. Thank you for your kind words. xo… :smile:

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Very welcome. I love reading every ones posts on here too. You ladies are all great!