Mottling beginning vs end

Who here has experience mottling in the beginning steps versus at the end and what do you notice about the outcome ?

Also has anyone ever just done all mottling layers on a baby period but no skin washes?

I have done mottling both at the beginning and the end. I do prefer it in the beginning but I do everything mottling, creases blushing, all fine detailing such a capillaries and etc. before my flesh/skin layers. I just think it looks more “under the skin”. On my AA reborns I definitely do it lastly after everything, shading and all because it tends to get washed out.


good to hear! I usually do mottling last, but I decided this time to do it first :slight_smile: Excited! I am working on levi and elodie :slight_smile:

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Me too. I put everything that I want to look under the skin, under the skin.