Mottle to dark

I am working on my baby and her mottling has turned out a little to dark without having to strip and start over is there anyway to tone down mottle? I have already tried a warming wash of burnt umber and a flesh blending layer over the mottle and it’s still to dark for my liking.

Thanks in advance

Is it too vibrant or too dark of a red? The too-vibrant may take more than one layer of flesh to tone down. But don’t forget that if you do a final layer with genesis matte, it will also blur the mottling some and tone it down. Too red just would need a mint wash but make sure it is pounced well so you don’t have a green alien baby like I ended up with once… As for too dark of a shade of red, I don’t know unless enough flesh washes brings it back to lighter without blurring the mottle too much. Now that I have exhausted my small store of wisdom, find someone with better answers!

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The color is not to dark I just don’t like my mottling to be so noticeable. I am trying more flesh layers hopefully that with a mint wash will tone it down a bit. I’m hoping the mottling will grow on me…I know some people prefer to have more visible mottling.


I prefer to see mottling on caucasian babies and if yours is too distinct for your taste, it is important to know which color you are trying to subdue. If it is blue, you will need an orange-toned wash, if red it will need a green (mint) wash, if purple it will need a yellowish toned wash. Additional flesh layers may help, but also may just muddy things up for you. You might want to try posting a picture so we can be more accurate in our suggestions.

Hopefully this works…
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You can’t tell in the picture but the mottle is a strawberry color.


How did you get those circles? Did you use a sponge or paint them on individually? Inquiring minds, you know.

From what I can see, I think a thin THIN layer of mint and then if that doesn’t help, a few thin flesh layers.

I got the circle pattern using a cosmetic sponge that I plucked out little pieces with tweezers.

Amazing! Now it just needs to be blended and lines blurred a bit so it looks more natural. Be sure and post pics for us when it’s done. We love pictures around here.

The only way to make it less visible is by many layers of flesh. You can make it less red, but then it will be more brown or purple, depending on what you use to neutralise it; it will not be lighter. Putting blue over red, and yellow is the way some people make AA babies. These 3 colours when mixed make brown.

I think I would just go with a couple of thin flesh layers and look again. The next time you mottle, you can let it flash off completely and the light brush over it with a cosmetic sponge (clean and dry) and it will blend it a little bit. I personally like for mottle to show. Looks like circulation.