Mothers day swap

Just wandering if there would be enough people to join and who wanted to.

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Sorry i wont be doing it this time. I’m still have’nt gotten my R.R. yet.

Im In, It has been so much fun watching all of the Xmas trade babys, I was a little sorry I did not join.

I might be in! I wanna see who else is going to join. I wonder how many people? I am a prospective maybe person lol

— Begin quote from “littlebabies480”

Sorry i wont be doing it this time. I’m still have’nt gotten my R.R. yet.

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You never got your rr yet? Did u ask Kim about who was supposed to send to you?


i dont know if it was ever sent. It’s not up to Kim to make sure it gets sent out. But it’s ok

No, i know Kim contacted her about this, but as i said Kim did her job once she gives us our names. Kim is a wounderful person. When it comes it comes.

I am in!!!

I can not believe this, a very good looking UPS man just gave me my R./R. . And ladies i mean a very very good looking man!!!
Be posting in a few minutes. Cant believe they deliver this late in he evening

I will be posting pictures when i figure photobucket. Never had this problem before. I got a beautiful green velvet dress. 2 headbands, an ordament , a teddy,and red velvet one piece P.J’s. Thank_You Neoma i love everything so very much!!!

have fun girls =) i cant do this but hope yall have fun n ill be seeing the pics

I’ll be heading the mother’s day swap.

I think it would be fun to not have to use BB sculpts if we dont want to.

It would. I like to stick with BB kits because of the price, also it gives everyone a chance to join that want’s to.

I understand but it still needs to affordable to everyone in the swap . I know that BB kits are.

Have you contacted stephanie.

I did. Just one question wouldn’t you have to order them now.