Mother's day sale at carseat canopy

Thought I would share this add I saw on facebook. (it is for the price on the blanket only not the set)

You only pay shipping. For me it comes up to $17
Apply the code momlove when checking out.


What an incredible deal I ordered one!


What is the blanket? Everything except the car seat? I’m confused!

The blanket that attaches to the handle. :slight_smile: It has print on one side and bumpy solid color on the other side

I actually have this one from when my last kid was little. Now I attach it to the stroller tray so her legs can be covered and it wont fall off when she kicks. :slight_smile:


It’s a car seat cover and they are normally very spendy! Soooo cute!!

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I’m going to get one just in case I ever need one… I think this is the coolest thing!!! I have never seen this before!! Thank you!

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I don’t really “need” one either but that’s too good to pass up but I’m hoping I do need it soon :blush: And I do embroidery so I can always add a name if need be, and if need not be it could be a great gift for someone