Mother's Day Baby Swap

Hi, this is my first official (site) baby swap and I was hoping someone could tell me if there are rules as to what should be included in the package with the doll? Are there rules somewhere about what to include? What is customary? Do you usually do one outfit with a blanket or two outfits or ??? I have only ever done person to person swaps before and we kind of planned out the expectations beforehand. Thanks so much!


Hi Shannon, I have done three swap here on BB, I do not recall ever seeing anything that said what you have to send, I think it is pretty much up to you on what you put in for the baby! I love sending extras so my babies go home with lots of extras!!!LOL May someone else will know for sure!!! I am very excited about this swap!!!

Thanks for responding so quickly Tonya! I am so excited about this swap, too. I loved the person to person swap we did together. Everyone who sees her still fawns all over Alisha, even if they have already seen her before! I am going to start working on my swap baby tomorrow, I cannot wait!!!

Thank you as well Piper, I guess I will go with my gut. Watch out wallet, here I come!

The post office should have a box sweetie. If not there should be a mailing company close by I hope.

There’s no rules on sending extras. It’s more what you want to send your swap baby home with.