Most realistic looking baby?

So which doll have you painted that is the most realistic. Looks like a real baby. Im trying to decide what to order on Monday. So many to choose from. I’m painting an expensive kit now and one from B.B. I just have to say the B.B. kit is so much easier. I can’t wait to see them finished to see which one looks better. I will think twice about ordering the expensive kits again though because these Realborns are so detailed, so much more real looking. Ashley and Summer Rain are my favorites as of now. Charles was realistic to though. Ashley for some reason was cuddley. I sent her to my aunt but I sure want one and will get mine finished one day.


I thought Levi was a very realistic kit. His ears and nostrils are pretty deep, which I really loved.


I saw one at Rose he was very realistic. I went home and ordered the kit. He’s sitting in my stach closet waiting patiently to be born.

It really depends on what your babies looked like. Or the babies in your family. Me, I have bigger babies and Landon was SO much like a baby I might have and he had a similar shaped head. I love Miranda because of the familiarity of her look. There are a couple I am excited to get…like June and open eyed Ann. I think it depends on you.

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The Sunny I just finished is to me. She is sold out LE though.


@anjsmiles This is one of the most realistic reborns ive ever seen . You have outdone yourself with this cutie . Outstanding !


That would have to be Levi by Bonnie Brown


Levi in my case , fits so well in my arms

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Thank you! Her Mommy got her yesterday and she is totally smitten. She agrees she is my best yet!

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I think he is to. There is something I like about his legs and mouth.


If you are asking about BB kits. I think all the sleeping realborns are super realistic and from the other kit I have found that Scarlet is very realistic.

I also love Precious Gift, Maisie, Rosebud, and I like Kenzie


Oh, that is so precious. Very VERY much like a real live baby.