Most photogenic ? Mine is Puppi/Scarlett

I have over 400 pictures of her and her equally gorgeous sister Mausi in Photobucket. :scream::blush:

Who is/are your most photographed?

Here’s a few of my favorite ones.

This is her sister Mausi


Waaayyy too sweet!!

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Love :heart:️ these pics!

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Love, love, LOVE!!! :heart:

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Soooooooooooo CUTE!!!

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Which kits are these? They are gorgeous! I especially love the last baby with those chubby cheeks!!

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Oh my goodness! Those are some SWEET babies!

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Aw thanks , that’s so kind! They are not kits but soft sili/vinyl dolls that I bought years ago at Tuesday Morning store. They are both by Hildegard Gunzel. Puppi was originally a blond but I changed her wig to a red human hair one.
They became very popular among reborners who did wonders with them. I loved them as they came , straight from the box so I never reborned them. But others did with great results.


Cute! the last one has the sweetest face, I have three that I like to use for pictures.


They are all so beautiful!

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I’ve had a great time with her. She went with me to IDEX 2010 and was very popular.

Here’s just a few more pics.

She even met Bonnie Brown!


Kayla your babies are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them!

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Thanks for sharing! I haven’t been doing as much photography as I want to. Daughter has been dealing with some stress when I play with my babies (which totally embarrasses her). Making them is fine, selling them, making accessories…just not playing with them when she knows. And since she is homeschooled is always. I sneak in some time though! You have inspired me to get back to what I enjoy!


Thank you, you said you got your’s at Tuesday morning, do they still sell them?

Our local store closed years ago. The odds that they would still carry this doll are not good. I know of a Mausi on sale over on Doll-fan . That’s the chubby cheek one. I could ask if you’re interested.

Here’s the post

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i love your baby clothing! the smocking, scalloping and such. :slight_smile: do you shop anywhere special? i’ve seen that style at petit ami, feltman bros and will beth. where else?

that painted hair. dang!

Thank you very much for the offer, but I really don’t have the extra money at the moment, they are very cute though!

lol, they weren’t painted by me, My two AA’s were painted by Cierra Watson and the middle one by Shaylen Maxwell

Thank you Christian! The dress in the first picture is a OOAK designed for me by a dear friend. It’s a pinafore and hand smocked.
The second cream color dress with the blue dots and smocking was one I bought at Tuesday Morning and possibly a Petit Ami . The last set she has on , the corduroy with the glower was from Carters , I think.