Most Favorite - - - Least Favorite

What is your most favorite thing about reborning and what is the least favorite part for you?

My most favorite is the finishing touches of painting (and dressing baby) and my least favorite is setting the eyes and lashes and veining, the photo shoot and packing for shipment.

Painting is my favorite. I loved watching my baby come alive layer after layer. Least favorite is baking them. Makes me nervous every time. Always afraid her toes or fingers would start melting.

Least favorite: Most definately eyelashes. Most favorite: Having someone tell me I did a good job on my babies.

I like painting best of all. I have so many painted kits in need hair that I wonder if I’ll ever catch up - probably because I like rooting least of all. That and washing my brushes. Sometimes I put off rooting a head for weeks. Often I buy new brushes just so I don’t have to wash the dirty ones (which really means that I just have more brushes to wash the next time, so I’ve gained nothing except a few days!) Oh, and I hate that I almost melted the kit that I’m working on right this minute while answering this post. Grrrr. I always forget to put the timer on!

The best thing is definitely painting; the most disliked is making the bodies. Putting in the eyes can be frustrating sometime, as are the eyelashes, and rooting takes for ever. I do not actually dislike rooting when it works well, but when it does not, after few minutes I need to be tied to the chair so I do not escape back to the painting LOL

— Begin quote from “dothehokeypokey”

Sometimes I put off rooting a head for weeks.

— End quote

LOL, one of my favourite keepers, the very 1st kit I bought some 5 years ago and painted about 4 years, is sitting here with her “temporally” wig on, and packet of beautiful mohair (which keeps changing as I change my mind about the colour) waiting …

I love painting and finishing. Hate rooting.

HATE EYEBROWS UGH!!! love the matte varnish layer as all the color come together and it looks alive! and then when it is all done and you hold them up and go awwwwe…and call the baby a success!

I love painting lips…I can spend days just doing that. I also love painting hair…takes me about a week, but I love doing it.

I hate rooting lashes. I did a photo shoot on my last baby and didn’t even realize I’d forgotten to do the lashes. Of course I had to start over once the lashes were rooted and sealed.

What i really love is when my new mohair arrives and I run my fingers through it, and it is feeling so gorgeous soft and silky, and I cannot wait to start rooting it. Today my Alpaca from SuriHill arrived and I feel like putting away everything else I am working on. It is just just so soft and beautiful …