More than HALF of our Kits are 50% OFF!

Hi Everyone!

I have put MORE THAN HALF of our in-stock kits at 50% OFF!

This sale began at 9:00 AM Wednesday local time (MST). I expect to BEGIN taking kits off sale in a few hours (around noon), and to take them off two at a time, beginning with the ones that we have the least amount stock on. The sale will likely continue into Thursday, but with fewer and fewer kits on sale as time progresses.

So, if there is a Bountiful Baby kit that you been interested in but have not yet purchased, there is a GREATER THAN 50% CHANCE that it is on sale now!

You can see all of the sale kits on our home page, here:

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


Thank you!

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…and you seemed like such a nice company😩 Just being silly! If I order one more kit without finishing about 6, my honey will cry😀


I just decided that I NEED another Rosebud and I haven’t even finished the one I’m working on…LOL


Lane is among the list of 50% off but is at regular price.

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Are you sure it wasnt Leah… She has been on sale all day but I have not seen Lane.

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Also I noticed Cozy is half off in the Gallery but not on the Home page in the sales list. :slight_smile:

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I LOVE Rosebud!


I had a seconds Logan kit in my cart along with a bunch of other stuff and I signed into my PayPal to check how much money I had to spend, when I came back to my BB cart, it was empty!!! I was so mad and I started putting everything back in my cart when I all of a sudden seen 1st quality kits of Logan 50%off! Yay! I’m not mad anymore, haha! I got my Logan and also Thomas asleep along with a bunch of other stuff! Thanks BB!


I ordered logan too! He’s so cute. I’m gonna make twins with summer rain and logan.

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Lane was definitely in there, and so was Leah. Leah was marked 50% off, though, but Lane was showing at regular price. Maybe they forgot to mark him down. He’s not in there any more, though.


hmmm I must have missed him somewhere in my multiple lists and edits of the sales kits that I post… :confused:

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He was in the Special Deals Section where the other 50% off kits were, maybe three or four pages in.


He is on sale now.

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Oh, thank you!! He’s one of my favorites.