More pirated dolls!

If you blow them up I see they are copies that have been slightly altered in the mouth or something and then the whole doll looks smaller and with different limbs. It is so sad. They really are cutely done and I am sure parents will flock to them. I see a couple that are recognizably Bonnie Brown babies with slight changes. Others I recognize but can’t recall the names of the kits off hand.


OMG!!! Depressing doesn’t begin to cover it! I just can’t believe it! Nothing is sacred anymore! :confounded:


They are so, so CUTE and so, so affordable and yep, I’m sure people are snapping them up like hotcakes. Meanwhile, our beautifully hand painted works of art sit there like lumps of coal.

We just can’t win this fight, no matter how hard we try ~ too many pirates, scammers, knock offs, and copies and geez, even reborners who just plain don’t care any more. This is maddening.

So keep painting or throw in the towel?


:cry: so sad and discouraging


Well, for what it’s worth ~ an outsider’s opinion, I showed the site to my husband and his reaction was


He scrolled through, saw the reviews and said they were probably fake. He wondered if what they order is actually what they receive.

Then he said “You don’t have to worry about this, these are not your customers. People who buy these must be desperate or ignorant.”

So there’s that :thinking:


I totally agree with your hubby! I do not think they are that cute myself and look like play dolls, not true reborns. Maybe the whole term reborns is wrong for the art going forward? I don’t know if anything can be done about these companies calling them reborns so maybe the community should get together and change what we call them. Just a thought. x


Haha it’s funny that a post was created in reborns . com recently about that very thing (changing their name) but someone made a good point that the term might also be stolen :persevere:


Yes I should have said I remember someone else saying that, I was thinking FB tho. Not my idea. Good point tho that it too could be hijacked. I’m just thinking if we want to separate ourselves from these nasty fakes maybe a new term makes sense. And one that would not make sense for them to steal, like art doll or something but hopefully something more catchy. lol! I think the point was made that real reborning was taking a store bought doll and painting it, now that we are all painting kits, maybe it’s time. x

ugh…edited for typos :wink:


I think it’s worth a shot. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a catchy term lol
Handmade art baby :woman_shrugging:t3: that’s all so got so far lol not very distinguishing…
And then there’s the chance someone has named their nursery or website something similar or whatever.


They shouldn’t be allowed to call them reborns because it refers to a specific method of making unique art dolls. These are cute, (stolen) manufactured play dolls. Reborns are not.


This brand is available on Amazon. I have the company blocked on FaceBook. @jlesser called them out in 2022. There is a FaceBook group for people that own them to share. It is a closed group.


This is exactly how I feel - they are not my customers. People will buy them for kids. We put disclaimer on our reborn dolls that they are the collectable art objects and should not be used for children.
Some of my dolls were bought for children, but majority of my customers are adults and true collector will not buy those fraud ‘reborns’.


The problem is that ‘reborn’ is the search term. Changing it will limit results with returning the TRUE Reborns.
Also, postings the links to those fraud sites and clicking on it just out of curiosity brings traffic to their site and is putting them on top of the search.


Yeah that’s another problem with it. I think the best thing to do is be as descriptive as possible to help people see the difference between a true art doll and a factory one


My first thought is they look like all the rest of the cheap and cheesy plastic dolls you can get from dollar general or the drug store. Anyone looking for a reborn knows what a reborn is and this is not them. Those who don’t know the term Reborn might think there is a religious affiliation to them


I made the mistake of clicking on the link to see them and had to block them on my FB just now when an add came up in my feed. They wasted no time on that! . :roll_eyes:

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I agree Cheesy. They do not look hand painted just fast productions.

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What about calling the real reborn dolls, Artborns instead?


I like that.

Hey Barbie survived the ugly dollar store Fashion dolls right?

If you google “fake reborns” Temu and amazon pop up “Come see what our customers have to say about Fake Reborns” “Yes we have fake reborns for sale” The AI does’t care, online it makes no difference and if you change the term, the knock off folks will change it.

Someone here wanted to register and trademark “reborn baby” I was one of those people who didn’t understand why, and why I should have to not use the term unless I asked her permission or paid. Back then I didn’t get it, sadly now I do.


I don’t now if that would have made a difference though. Would the trademark have been for the one-of-a-kind status? The cheap dolls are looking so good lately I think they literally just have a factory of (probably women) workers who are doing rapid painting on each doll. Technically that could be called OOAK (in court?). Stealing sculpts though, indefensible!

I think this trend will fade and the real reborns will return to the forefront for collectors. Or, maybe we just need a new name! It’s always been a confusing name anyway. Some people think every reborn is based on a baby that passed away and got “re-born” :flushed: