More crease help, is this normal

So the first foot is “clean” creases.
Second foot is starting to paint
Third foot is heavy paint to trying to make creases look even.
I hate the build up in creases. Is it normal for them to look uneven and dotty? I have tooth picked them so many times I am making them worse… Suggestions on how to fix this? I think I might just make them test babies at this point!

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I would cut back on the amount of creases you are trying to ‘crease’. Just paint a few of the main creases and let it go. Creases need to be built up slowly.


You can crease with prisma pencil. I’ve done it for a little over 5 years. However, I use air dry, so I don’t bake the prisma. If you want to try prisma, all you have to do is, draw in the crease and smooth with a wet paint brush. Easy peasy. I use it on their eyes, inside the ears, outside of the ears and every where else that need crease shading. And outside of the eyes and ears, Inside the nostriIs-you name it. I do the rest of the creases at the end. Here are some of my dolls for reference. I use Black Raspberry (I’ve been doing this for longer than 5 years-creasing with prisma). Never had an issue. I use it everywhere on regular babies and on monsters, I use it around the eyes. I use Black grape, for the rest of the creases on Monsters. Creases were always a nightmare for me, before.



I Know what you mean i have had this also a lot off times !
Try when you have done the crease to gently blend out with a dry pencil
then you will not have this anymore
Hope this will help you a bit

@Sam2020 Sorry, I can’t help with this. But have to tell you I love your mottling!

@lynn That makes alot of sense. Only the longest and deepest creases appear shaded on my own feet and hands.

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How exactly do you do the pencil? I use air dry also, and I cant see the pencil color after I try to draw on it. Its like it doesnt stick to the paint. What is your process exactly? Am I maybe doing something wrong? Thanks!


Thank you for sharing.

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I bought a pencil today, I can’t wait to clean my creases and try the pencil! Thank you!

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@MoonlitNightNursery How did you do the blood coming out? That is a perfect color!

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What sculpt is the yellow dressed one I really like it!

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It’s Heron by AK Kitagawa

Thank you so much! I use layers of different reds, ending with a dark crimson color (I use paint for the bloodied mouths and any sort of blood)

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So welcome!!! Very welcome!! @Evee. I have it all in the post, @MichelleP, but if you still have questions, just let me know :slight_smile:

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