Monthly Baby Pageant (MBP) Photos and Poll - ADVANCED

Here are two FANTASTIC entries, both of which deserve First Place. Sorry for the delay—Photobucket issues.

Please take this into consideration when voting:
All active BB Forum members are encouraged to vote once for the baby who BEST fits all the following criteria:
… • Overall presentation: including outfit, posing, props, photography and theme
… • Painting - including nails, creases, lips, skin tones and mottling, if done
… • Hair: rooting, painted/rooted or bald if appropriate for the sculpt and overall look of the baby.

Please note that you can only vote one time. If you submit a second vote, it replaces your first vote, it is not in addition to your first vote.

Entry #1

Entry #2

Thanks Kim for your hard work… Such a shame that there were only 2 participants at the advanced level…

They are definitely both adorable!

Well, I know for myself I am just adjusting to a new job and a crazy schedule, so I just didn’t have time. I don’t know how we can get more. Perhaps others in the Advanced category will give us some feedback. Maybe people are just shy.

Here’s a link to the post where the monthly baby pageants are explained. Hope you consider joining in.


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where do I vote on them

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At the top of this page… number 1 or number 2…


Bumping this up! Come on, ladies, vote! And next time, I’m hoping to see many more advanced entries

Good deal, Katrina.

great job!

Bumping back to “new posts” again… Someone needs to make an occasional comment after voting so it will stay current and folks can find it… Is there a way to get BB to add a topic??

They are so cute!! good luck ladies!! here is my BUMPING of the topic!!
I want to enter advanced when i meet the 150 posts… just slowly getting there im not so much a lurker anymore!

I want to know where #2 got her mohair.i have a baby ordered and she wants red hair and I am not sure how much of my hair I have left. Besides that is prettier than mine.

That’s a red headed step child if I ever saw one!

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Hey -

Pia, you’re wonderful! Thank you remembering to bumping this topic to the top - I appreciate it!


Thanks Carmen. Hopefully folks will vote over the weekend. I always read “new” when I check the forum and if that is what most members do, they will miss voting. Just voting doesn’t “bump” the pageant up.

Bumping it up!